☆ Serena ☆

Hey!! Have you ever learned a skill, a piece of knowledge and an new idea, then you used them in another useful situation?
Well, I do!
1. When reading magazines, books, newspaper, finding information about a famous person (etc...), I often find interesting vocabularies that might become useful in some essays, reports, speeches, and other huge projects. > Understanding and applying
2. I play soccer, and when I learn how bounce the ball with my head, lap and my foot, then during some sport activities and we compete, it may be useful. > Understanding and applying
3. Looking at the news happening to the world made me create posts on my blog and share with my class and others about warnings, new inventions and discoveries, etc... This way we can social and chat about news. > Understanding and applying
4. I have sketching classes before, and the teacher showed me the techniques in sketching so next time I will be able to draw better on posters and projects that needs drawing. >Understanding and applying

Did you notice that points 1 ~ 4 have this = ">Understanding and applying"? These 4 four points need to be understood and can be applied in other situation.

To understand is to really know what you are reading and doing. Get the things inside your head and understand the concepts.
To apply is to make use and using your knowledge you have understood in another situation.
Just note that, to understand and to apply, first you'll need to remember what you've learned!!!

If you find something useful for future use, write it down, take notes, or remember it inside your head! Even if you think you won't need it, it may still become a very useful skill, knowledge, or idea.
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